I participated in my first 24 Hour Readathon (my first readthon ever, infact) in April this year, and I really enjoyed it. Since I didn’t have a massive TBR at the beginning of the year, I dedicated the 24 hours to re-reading books that I love. However, this time around I had a big TBR but managed to cross a few off.

The great thing about this readathon is that it starts at the exact same moment around the world. For me, reading began at 10.30pm Saturday night and finished 10.30pm Sunday night. I spread my reading out and was sure to take breaks and do other things during the day. Here’s what I read!

THE SUN IS ALSO A STAR –  Nicola Yoon (100 pages)
I had already started this book earlier on in the week, but still had 100 pages left to read. I finished this off Saturday night before going to bed since I was tired. I’ll have a full review of this book up on Friday, but I just want to say that I loved it so much. I was in the mood for a YA contemporary, so it perfectly fulfilled my mood. I had chills up my arms and tears in my eyes when reading the last few chapters. If you loved Everything, Everything be sure to pick this up!
5 Stars

FullSizeRender (5).jpg

THE FENCE – Meredith Jaffe (350 pages)
I slept until about 10am on Sunday since Saturday was a busy day for me, but I managed to start reading as soon as I woke up. I read this book in 100 page intervals and took breaks in between, and managed to finish it by early afternoon.
The Fence is an adult fiction book set in a small town in Australia where everyone knows everyone and everyone gets along well. That is until new neighbours move in and stur up some drama with the old couple next door. Although I liked the book, I feel like it’s set for an older audience and so I didn’t appreciate it as much.
3.5 Stars


MISS YOU – Kate Eberlen (450 pages)
After finishing The Fence, I dug straight into Miss You, and similarly read it in 100 page intervals. This book was a bit longer, and I took a break from reading in the evening, and I think I managed to finish it at around 8.30pm.
Miss You is an adult fiction where two teenagers cross paths in Florence before going home to their normal lived in London. As the years go by, we go on the two characters’ journeys and see how different their lives end up. I had similar thoughts to The Fence about this book. I love adult chic lit, but I feel I didn’t connect to this book as much as an older reader might.
3.5 Stars


BETWEEN SISTERS – Kristin Hannah (50 pages)
At 9.30pm I felt like doing a bit more reading, and cranked out a good 50 pages of this book. I can’t tell you much about it, or my thoughts, since I haven’t read any more of it. But I’ll talk more about it in my October wrap up next week.


Another of Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathons finished! I managed to read 950 pages and knock three full books of my TBR! Let me know in the comments if you participated and how many books you read. If you haven’t heard of the readathon, check out their website below and I hope to hear from you in the next readathon next April!



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