FRIDAY FAVOURITES: books i want to reread

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Today I’m going to talk about some of the books that I plan on rereading, but I’ll probably never get around to doing so…
I like rereading my favourite books or revisiting the story line, but I just never have time! Let me know down below if you have the same problem as me.
But without further ado, here are the books that I will hopefully eventually read again.

The Selection series – Kierra Cass
I read this series in December last year and absoultely loved the first three books. I think I can speak for most people when I say that there’s just something about this series that is so addicting. There’s a dystopian style that doesn’t override the romance, we have royalty and even a bit of humor. I always used to say it’s Cinderalla meets The Bachelor and I don’t care if it’s trash, because I love it!

The Hunger Games – Suzzanne Collins
I read these three books after watching Catching Fire at the movies, so I was pretty late to the game. I have rewatched the movies a few times, but I would love to experience the stories of the books over again. I like how in the books we get a better perspective of Katniss’ thoughts and feelings when she’s in the games.

Twilight – Stephanie Meyer
I read this series in primary school I think after the Twilight movie came out. This is the series that got me into reading, and specifically YA and the fantasy genre. Once again, I have seen all of the movies a million times, but the books are so long which I think have put me off reading them again. I did read the ‘Life and Death’ edition of Twilight last year, but hopefully eventually I’ll get around to it.

If I Stay – Gayle Forman
I read this books and the sequel (Where She Went) a couple of years ago before the movie came out. I saw the first released trailor but I didn’t want to wait half a year to see the movie, so I thought I’d check the book out. I loved the book and I love that it’s a short a quick read too which would make it a lot easier to read. I feel like watching the movie again now…

Before I Fall – Lauren Oliver
I discovered this book when looking for If I Stay because it came up as a similar suggestion on Goodreads. So I read it, and despite what a lot of people say about it, I really enjoyed it. There’s a movie coming out next year and I saw the trailor for it the other day and it looks AMAZING so hopefully I can read it again before the movie is released.

Anna and the French Kiss trilogy – Stephanie Perkins
I read all three books over the course of last year, and they are adorable! They are the perfect “pick me up” books, and since it’s summer I think it would be perfect to read over the next couple of months. What I love most about these books is the romantic relationships between the main characters (Anna, Lola and Isla) and their respective boys.

Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell
One of my favourite contemporary books of all time by one of my favourite authors. Fangirl has so many different aspects to it; there’s romance, coming of age, mental health, going into college, friendships and family relationships and they all add to the overall story. I really want to read Cath’s story again and I just want to read about her and Levi forever!

Georgia Nicholson series – Louise Renninson
I read this series when I was in late primary school and early highshool after seeing the ‘Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging’ movie. Even though there are quite a lot of books in this series, each book is quick and you can read them in one sitting. Since this is such a fun series for me and is so close to my heart, I would love to revisit Georgia’s story.

To all the Boy’s I’ve Loved Before – Jenny Han
Another one of my favourite contemporaries that includes my all time book boyfriend (Peter Kavinsky). I only read this book and the sequel this year, but I loved them so much that I want to read them again (specifically the first one). The third book is coming out next year so I would love to refresh my mind and fall in love with Peter all over again.

Breathing Under Water – Sophie Hardcastle
I will be forever grateful for this book randomly showing up in the mail after being sent to me by Hachette (even though I never gave them my address so I don’t know how they got it). But I don’t care because if it wasn’t for them I probably never would have picked the book up. It is one of the best books I’ve read this year and it covers such a wide range of topics and it made me feel such a wide range of emotions. Sophie Hardcastle wrote such an incredible book and everyone needs to read it!

Comment below what book you really want to read again!!


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