TAG TUESDAY: ‘pretty little liars’ book tag

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So far my summer holiday has consisted of catching up on my favourite TV shows that I haven’t had time to watch throughout the year, so be ready for some TV show related book tags. I caught up on a years worth of PLL episodes, so here’s the Pretty Little Liars book tag!

CREATOR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfnekqHUx4M

We all know Hanna has the best style: Who is one author who’s writing style you simple can’t get enough of?
A recent author I discovered this year who I mention in almost every blog post, is Sophie Hardcastle. Her writing style throughout ‘Breathing Under Water’ is so beautifully captivating and it is one of the main reasons that I love that book.

PLL Hiatus: A book/series it pains you to wait for?
I usually prefer to read series once they’re finished so that I don’t have to wait a year for each book, but one series I can think of is the ‘A Court of Thorns and Roses’ trilogy. I read ACOTAR in January so I only had to wait four months for ACOMAF, but now I have to wait a year for the last book!!!

You’ve stumbled into A’s lair but quickly realize you’re not alone: Which fictional character do you send an SOS text?
Apart from one of the PLL girls (because somehow they always know how to get out of these situations) I feel like I would have to choose on of the typical dystopian hero’s or heroines. Either Four or Tris from Divergent would be a good way to go because they know how to kick butt!

Rosewood: A fictional place you would like to visit, despite it’s reputation?
The dystopian kingdom of Illea from The Selection series. I just find this world so interesting with the order of the castes and how they affect how each caste interacts with each other. Although I wouldn’t want to live in Illea, I would love to visit it (and Maxon).

A has invited you to the masquerade ball! What lavish outfit from a book would you wear?
I’m going back to The Selection again because the descriptions of the dresses that Kiera Cass talks about all sound beautiful. The turquoise dress on the front cover of The Selection is gorgeous and I’d want to wear that one, but I’m not sure if she actually wears that in the book.

Cece Drake: Name a totally epic plot twist
I love a good plot twist. The one at the end of ‘Wolf by Wolf’ by Ryan Graudin is pretty crazy, and we had to wait for the second book to release to find out what happens. One of my favourite plot twists is in ‘We Were Liars’. I didn’t see it coming, and not only was it shocking but it was also extremely emotional. I don’t think I’ll ever recover from that one.

It’s Halloween! You’re Aria and A has locked you in a crate. What power or weapon would you use from a book to help you break free?
I can feel the claustrophobia rising in me just thinking about it! I searched weapons from Shadowhunters and even though I couldn’t find a specific one that would help me in this situation, I’m sure one of them would. Those guys are always using their weapons to get the out of places.

Wren: Who is a minor character whose story you would love to know more about?
Isaac from The Fault in our Stars is one of my favourite side characters. He adds so much to the story, and his humour and personality is just amazing. Petition for John Green to write a book about Isaac!!!

And that’t the Pretty Little Liars book tag. I can’t believe there’s only half a season left and then it will all be over, but I can’t wait to see how they’re going to end it! If you love Pretty Little Liars, I TAG YOU!


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