‘LYREBIRD’ – Cecelia Ahern

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Thanks to Harper Collins for sending me a copy of Lyrebird to review. I have read a few of Cecelia Ahern’s books before: Love Rosie, PS I Love You and Flawed, so I was really excited to read her new release and I had pretty high expectations. Here’s what I thought of the book…

Life is in two parts: who you were before you met her, and who you are after.
A documentary crew discover a mysterious young women living alone in the mountains of West Cork. Strikingly beautiful she has an extraordinary talent for mimicry, like the famous Australian Lyrebird. The crew, fascinated, make her the subject of her story, and bestow the nickname upon her.
When they leave, they take Lyrebird with them back to the city. But as she leaves behind her peaceful life to learn about a new world, is she also leaving behind a part of herself? For her new friend Solomon the answer isn’t clear. When you find a rare and precious thing, should you share it – or protect it… – Goodreads


Laura (Lyrebird) is probably one of the most original and unique characters that I have ever read about in a book. She has lived her whole life in isolation and has never known any different, until she was discovered by the film crew. Suddenly, Laura decides how she is going to change her life and be just like everyone else for the television show. Character development is usually and important aspect in a book and something that I love to see in characters when reading. However, I loved how Laura stayed herself throughout the entirety of the book and remained an entertaining character.

Solomon is another great character who definitely adds to the story of the Lyrebird. Solomon is perfect for Laura and they balanced each other at wonderfully. I loved reading about them together and the experiences that they went through. For two completely different characters to come together.

In terms of the story line, I didn’t find a great interest in it. If it wasn’t for the amazing characters, I probably would have been a bit bored with what was happening. The other three of Cecilia Ahern’s books that I’ve read had such intriguing plots and I always found them so unique. But with Lyrebird, I just couldn’t get into it. It wasn’t bad story – I just couldn’t get as into it as I expected that I would be.

What I did find interesting about the story was the use of a reality television program. Although I love a bit of reality TV, ‘Lyrebird’ definitely showed the bad side of it and how they exploit the people on their show. This only made me love the characters, and especially Laura, even more as we see a more vulnerable side to her.

The ending I found was quite predictable, but it seemed to wrap everything up nicely. It was a nice ending despite the amount of drama and chaos that occurred throughout the book.

Overall, I gave this book 4 stars out of 5. I loved the characters and how they were developed throughout the book, and there were aspects of the story that I really enjoyed. If this sounds like a book that you would enjoy, then I recommend picking it up!

Comment below if you’ve read ‘Lyrebird’ and what your favourite Cecelia Ahern book it 🙂


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