BOOKMAS DAY 1: one bookish tree + intro



So last night I decided that I was going to participate in my first ever BOOKMAS here on my blog! I was watching Hailey in Bookland’s Bookmas announcement video, and I really liked the topics that she plans on talking about in her videos each day over the next twelve days. I had already planned on doing posts talking about similar things, so I decided that I would use her ideas, combine them with my own, and participate in BOOKMAS!

Reviews will still be going up every Sunday as per usual, but there will be no TAG TUESDAY or FRIDAY FAVOURITE posts during this time.

Here is what I will be posting over the next twelve days.

DAY 1 – 1 bookish tree
DAY 2 – 2 YA debut’s of 2016
DAY 3 – 3 anticipated YA adaptations of 2017
DAY 4 – 4 underrated books of 2016
DAY 5 – 5 series finales/sequels of 2016
DAY 6 – 6 books to read in 2017
DAY 7 – 7 best covers of 2016
DAY 8 – 8 anticipated releases of 2017
DAY 9 – 9 authors discovered in 2016
DAY 10 – 10 series I completed in 2016
DAY 11 – 11 books published in 2016
DAY 12 – 12 classics in 12 months read in 2016

So if any of these posts interest you, be sure to tune into my blog on those dates to check them out!

And now time for my bookish tree!

I decided to go for something different to the usual “bookish tree”, mainly because I couldn’t be bothered messing up all my books on my shelf (even though they’re not really that neat at the moment).

So in the first photo below, I have made the tree out of green books, the star out of a yellow book, and the trunk of the tree out of brown books.


In the next photo below, I thought I’d spice it up a bit and change the yellow book for an actual silver star, and I added some beads to decorate the tree.


And that’s Day 1 of BOOKMAS. Be sure to tune in for the next couple of weeks if any of the the topics interest you.

If you are participating in BOOKMAS let me know down below so I can check your posts out too!



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