Thanks to Harper Collins for sending me this copy to review. When I read the synopsis, I thought it sounded really interesting, and I loved the cover. I couldn’t wait to see what the book held!

Emily has been friends with Adriana since Year One, way back when Adriana had a huge gap between her teeth and was super skinny. Emily wasn’t any less awkward looking, and the girls are inseparable all through primary and into high school.
But when Adriana’s mother dies during the autumn of Year Eight, everything changes. Adriana’s father accepts a job in Borneo and suddenly, the two best friends, who’ve always been together, are almost ten thousand miles apart. Despite the distance, and a rubbish internet connection, the girls manage to stay in touch for the next 18 months.
And then Adriana announces that she’s coming home.
Emily can’t wait for things to go back to how they were – except one thing is undeniably different from the moment Adriana’s plane touches down at Jefferson airport.
Adriana has gone from awkward to AMAZING. As in Victoria’s Secret model level of amazing – an utter goddess.
Thankfully, Adriana is no different on the inside. She’s still the same best friend Emily knows and loves, and they’re certainly not going to lose their friendship over the fact that Adriana has lucked out genetically.
Emily just wishes that one guy, any guy, would want to get to know her for some other reason besides being Adriana’s best friend. 
That is, until she sees the brand new and super cute guy in Emily’s art class. The one called Theo, who makes Emily laugh so much she can barely focus on her own canvas. The only guy that Emily’s ever felt a real connection with – and the first one that doesn’t seem all that affected by Adriana’s appearance.
Two best friends crushing on one very cute guy … someone’s going to get their heart broken.



I found both of the characters in this book really likeable which made it an enjoyable read. Both girls go through so much together, and it was so fun to see them change and develop as the book went on

Adriana is still grieving the death of her mother, yet she is so lucky to have Emily around to get her through everything. Suddenly, Adriana is one of the popular girls and she can get any guy she wants, even Dylan who used to be her crush, but she only wants Theo. Although Adriana seems to still be the same person that she was before she went away, things begin to change when she resents everyone that’s trying to help her.

Emily is hiding a big secret for the majority of the book, and even though her problems might not seem as big as Adriana’s, they’re still a heavy weight on her shoulders. Emily is the complete opposite to Adriana and that’s probably why they get along so well and have been friends for so long.



It’s rare to find YA books these days that have a main focus on friendship, so it was really fun to read about. But I loved how there was more to the story than just the friendship. There was drama, a little bit of romance, Adriana still dealing with the death of her mum, Emily trying to find out who her dad is, and both of the girls dealing with high school and discovering who they are. I feel like this book is directed to a younger audience, and even though I still enjoyed the book, I feel like if I was a few years younger I would love it.

I also love how the book was set out. Each chapter switches between Emily’s perspective and Adriana’s perspective, and we get both the characters’ secret thoughts and then their perspective on what is happening in the present. For example, we first get Emma’s secret thoughts where she might talk about something that happened in the past, and then we get Emma going through the events of the present day. This made it a lot more interesting and exciting to read.



I really enjoyed the ending of the book, and especially the last fifty pages of the book. It wasn’t your usual YA ending, but it was realistic. I expected it to end really happily, and in a way it did, but it closely resembles what would actually happen if this situation occurred in real life.


So, I decided to give this book 4.5 stars out of 5. As I said, I loved the characters and their development, how the story is set out, and the realistic ending. However, I feel like if I was a younger reader the story would have been a lot more interesting to me.

Comment below if you have read the book and let me know what you think!

I hope that you’re all enjoying my BOOKMAS!


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