TAG TUESDAY: ‘gossip girl’ book tag


Gossip Girl is probably one of my favourite TV shows in existence, and I’ve watched the whole series twice in two years! So today I decided to do the Gossip Girl book tag which was created by a bunch of book bloggers including JM Cabral, https://bookfreakrevelations.wordpress.com/2015/08/04/book-tags-2-the-gossip-girl-book-tag/

Serena Van der Woodsen – The “It” book of Young Adult Fiction
I think at the moment, the “it” book is the Throne of Glass series. Everyone is reading it and everyone is loving it. Personally, I loved the first two books, but I found myself not loving the series as much by the third book. I also find Celaena (similarly to Serena) an unlikeable character – which is a very unpopular opinion. But I do LOVE Dorian <3.

Blair Cornelia Waldorf – A book/character you love to hate
Carry On by Rainbow Rowell. I really wish that I didn’t hate this book because I love all of Rainbow Rowell’s other books, but I just couldn’t get into this one – I couldn’t even finish it! I love Blair though and she’s probably my favourite character on the show! Hopefully one day when I get time I’ll try to read Carry On again and see if I can appreciate it this time around.

Charles Bartholomew “Chuck” Bass – A roller coaster ride of a book/character
I felt like I was going on a crazy roller coaster ride when reading Looking For Alibrandi. There are so many ups and downs in that book – there’s humour, emotion (I bawled my eyes out in the end), and touching parts of the story that I could really relate to, and that’s probably why I love the book so much. Any book that makes me feel so many emotions throughout it, I think is an amazing book.

Nathaniel “Nate” Archibald – A book cover eye candy
The covers to The Selection series are all beautiful and I could stare at the forever! The dresses that the models wear are gorgeous and the colours (especially the pink and blue on The Selection cover) are amazing. Another eye candy cover is Binge by Tyler Oakley. The cover literally has candy wrapper on it, and just like Nate, I could stare at it all day.

Daniel “Dan” Humphrey – A book you think deserves more love than it gets
Surprise, surprise, I’m going with Breathing Under Water by Sophie Hardcastle. I talk about this book in pretty much every blog post because it is INCREDIBLE and everyone needs to know about it. I think for such a touching, emotional and eye opening book, this book doesn’t get enough credit world wide.

Jenny Humphey – A character that went through a drastic transformation, for better or worse
Penny from the Girl Online trilogy. Penny starts off the first book as a shy girl who is hiding from the world behind her computer. She has amazing talent and so much potential, yet her anxiety is holding her back from doing what she wants to do. But by the end of the third book she has come out of her shell and develops into a confident girl with so much to give to the world.

Vanessa Abrams – A book that doesn’t have a lasting impression
The Leaving by Tara Alterbrandi. I felt like this book had so much potential, and when I read the blurb I had really high expectations for it, but when I read it I was a little bit dissapointed. It wasn’t a bad book, I just felt that a lot more could have been done with it. There was a massive mystery aspect to it, but when the mystery was discovered it was a bit of a let down.

Lily Van der Woodsen and Rufus Humphrey – An OTP that could have been
I have to say something quickly. When I saw the last episode for the first time I thought that they did end up together because they kissed on the lips, but when I rewatched the series again a year later, I realised that they didn’t end up together!!!!! Such a let down. Anyway… for this one I’m going with either Celaena and Dorian from ToG because they were the first OTP in the series and I just can’t let them go. Plus Dorian is bae. And another Maas book I’m going with Faera and Tamlin (everyone is going to hate me for this one). I still can’t let go of Tamlin – I don’t care what anyone tells me.

Georgina Sparks – A villain who’s killing it with villainy
Queen Levana from the Lunar Chronicles. That woman is crazy and probably one of the most cruel villains that I’ve ever read about (maybe along with Voldemort). I haven’t read the novella about her, but I think it would be interesting to go deeper into her character and discover more about her.

Dorotha Kishlovsky – A favorite sidekick character
Isaac from The Fault in our Stars. I answered this for a similar question in another blog post, but I just love him. He’s funny, charismatic, and so under appreciated. John Green needs to write a book just about Isaac because I would definitely read it. Plus he and Augustus together were so much fun – I can’t let go of the egg throwing scene.

Ivy Dickens – A book you always mistake for something else
When I was first reading The Selection series, The Heir had already been released so I bought the first four books plus the novella. But when I finished The One, I was confused because there was still another book. I was so dissapointed when I read the blurb to The Heir and realised that it wasn’t based on the same characters. Such a let down!

Lola Rhodes – A book/character you wanted to love more than you actually did
Blood by Blood by Ryan Graudin which is the sequel to Wolf by Wolf. I read WbW at the beginning of the year and it was amazing, so when BbB was released last month, I couldn’t wait to read it. But in the end, I just didn’t enjoy it and it had no where near the same effect on me that WbW had. I really wanted to love the ending to the duology, but I just wasn’t as intrigued this time around.

Prince Louis GrimaldiA Prince-Charming-turned-A-plus-jerk character
Matt from The Devil You Know, for obvious reasons. I loved him in the beginning and I wanted to read more about him, and when Cadie started hanging around with Noah, I felt a bit let down. But when we discovered who Matt is (and he’s more than just a jerk) I was so shocked and didn’t want to believe it. Such a good book though.

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And that’s the Gossip Girl Book Tag. Comment down below who your favourite GG character is, and be sure to do the tag if you loved the show as much as I do!



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