So I’ve done a few posts talking about my 2016 reading year, but I thought that today I would go through some statistics from 2016 and goals for 2017. Comment below what your 2017 goals are.



1 – books read: 153/150

2 – pages read: 59042

3 – shortest book: Alice’s Adventure’s in Wonderland by Lewis Carol (92 pages)

4 – longest book:  Outlander by Diana Gabaldon (896 pages)

5 – average length of pages: 388 pages

6 – most popular book: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald (3m+ people read)

7 – least popular book: Girls Can Vlog: Amazing Abby by Emma Moss (18 people read)

8 – average star rating: 4.4

9 – highest rated book on Goodreads that I read: A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas

10 – published dates




1 – read 100 books

2 – read more books focusing on mental illnesses

3 – read more diverse books (diversity bingo)

4 – read more autobiographies, memoirs and non-fiction books

5 – buy books that I haven’t heard about before. Go to the bookshop, scan the shelves and pick a book spontaneously

6 – buy less books and accept more review copies

7 – don’t read books just because I feel that I have to. (i.e. if I’m not in a fantasy mood, don’t force myself to read it just because it’s on the top of my TBR)

8 – post 2-3 blog posts a week. Try doing a Tag Tuesday, Friday Favourites, and Sunday review every week if I’m not busy

9 – put more effort into my blog posts, and connect with the blog community: make friends and read other book blogs

10 – finish a draft of a book that I’m happy with and want to keep working on. I have written a first draft for two different books but I never want to continue on with them because I’m not happy with it. I’m currently starting another one which I have high hopes for, so I want to keep working on it even after the first draft.


And I think that’s everything! I think my goals are pretty realistic and I’m excited to see what 2017 holds for me. I was actually studying Psychology at university last year, but I have transferred to study english and creative writing this year, so I cannot wait to be studying something that I really want to study and that I’m excited to learn about.

See you guys soon!


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