I started journaling sometime in 2016, and it is honestly one of the best things that I’ve done. I do a mixture of diary entries, drawings, quotes, artsy things and so much more. So today, I thought I’d show you some of my favourite pages from the first two journals I completed in 2016.

Also, some of the pictures rotated and I can’t get them to rotate back… sorry 😦

I have a couple of journal flip throughs on my YouTube channel which you can check out here ->






I bought this one from Typo for maybe $5. It is smaller than the second one, so if you prefer smaller ones then this is definitely a good one. Both of the journals I’m showing today are lined, but I really want to try one with blank pages.


Something that I started doing in this journal was finding random papers and receipts to stick over the page, and then write quotes over the top. This page above, I ripped a page out of an old White Pages books and wrote a quote with a black felt pen.


This is one of my favourite pages from this journal. It took a long time to write HOPE a million times in different coloured texta’s. I put white out through the big letters in the centre to make it stand out more.


I also started to cut out pages from old magazines and do different things with them. This page is more simple – I just stuck a page in as the background and wrote a quote over the top. What I love most about this page is the font I wrote in – sometimes I randomly write neat without trying.


Here’s another example of the magazine cuttings. With this one I cut out scraps and different patterns from different pages and stuck them over the page. I then just wrote a a lyric over the top… because I love Troye Sivan.


This is similar to the one above, but instead I’ve ripped old receipts and stuck them down. And once again, I wrote a quote over the top. Most of the pages I’m sharing have quotes because they’re my favourite ones.


The first page here is a bit random – I went for a walk and found a flower and a nice coloured leaf so I stuck them down. The flower is under a piece of glad wrap.

The second page is simple, and maybe that’s why I like it so much. I cute out sticky notes into shapes of clouds and wrote a quote over the top. It’s very pretty, and somehow the writing turned out really neat.


And the last page I’m sharing from this journal is this one (this is a shorter journal so I don’t have as many to show you). I got this idea online somewhere, but basically I wrote out 100 things that I love. It took a long time, and at first I was struggling to think of 100 things. But as soon as I got going, I couldn’t stop and I wanted to write more!




I bought this journal from Kmart for $3. It is slightly bigger than the previous one (A5 I think) and it’s longer so I have a lot more pages to show you compared to the first one. I also got the hang of journaling so I like more of it.


These two pages are really pretty. The first one is a Winnie the Pooh quote and even though I only did it in led pencil, and I can’t draw, it actually looks really cute. The second page is a quote with flowers and dots in the background, and I just thought it looked good.


More quotes on random bits of paper. I think the first one is the inside of an envelope.


These three are magazine cut outs with quotes. I especially love the second one.


Another simple and pretty led pencil drawing.


Another magazine clipping with a very long quote/speech. The last part of the passage I thought was really touching so I wrote that on the actual magazine rather than the page.


More magazine scraps and cuttings.


These two looked better when I first did them, but now the flowers have shrivelled even more and lost their colour. But I still really love these pages. I found that using leaves and flowers from my garden made a nice touch and added colour and nature.


More magazine clippings and quotes. Can you tell I loved doing this?


This is something different that I decided to do. At the time I was writing a novel for Nanowrimo, and there was one paragraph that I really loved what I wrote, so I put it in my journal. I also think my writing is really neat here, and I love the highlighter colours.


Another magazine cutting with quotes.


These two pages I decided to starts using nail polish – it looks good and doesn’t seep through the page, but you get a headache from the fumes. The first picture is a quote and I actually wrote words in nail polish which was hard. The second picture, I did different patterns on each page and wrote quotes over the top.


And the last two pages I thought were also really pretty. The first one I ripped squared from sticky notes and wrote a quote over the top. The second one is simple and I literally just wrote a quote in black felt pen, but I thought it looked decent.


And those are a few of my favourite pages from my current completed journals. If you want to see more, be sure to check out my flip throughs on YouTube. Comment below if you want to see pages from my current journal when I’m finished – I think it’s my favourite one so far so I’ll probably do another post anyway.


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