‘BUT THEN I CAME BACK’ by Estelle Laure

But Then I Came Back.png

“Something does exist. I saw. It’s a place. Like this but different.”
“Okay, so let’s say we do reach her, that something like that is even possible. Then what?”
“Then we ask her to come back.”

Eden: As far as coma patients go, Eden’s lucky. She woke up. But still, she can’t shake the feeling that she might have dragged something back from the near-afterlife.

Joe: Joe visits the hospital every day, hoping that Jaz, his lifelong friend, will wake up. More than anything, he wants to hear her voice again. But he’s not sure anyone can reach her.

Eden & Joe: Even though she knows it sounds crazy, Eden tells Joe that they might be able to talk to Jaz. Opening themselves up to the great unknown—and each other—Eden and Joe experience life: mysterious and scary, beautiful and bright.

Thanks to Hachette for sending me a copy of BUT THEN I CAME BACK for review.


I just want to start off by saying that I absolutely loved this book SOOOOOO much! I honestly think that it’ll make it to my top books of 2017. This is a contemporary book that had factors of cute romance, family and friendship bonds, dreams and passions (ballet!) and it focuses on the afterlife and what’s in between.

Disclaimer: I haven’t read the first book to this companion series but now I really want to.

I loved Eden’s character. The book starts off with her waking up from a one month coma and her life being turned completely around. She has to learn to walk again which means for the time being she can’t dance, her twin brother and best friend are now dating, and she can’t tell anyone about the things she saw while she was asleep. So obviously when she wakes up, Eden is going through a lot. She has constant mood swings and is confused about pretty much everything – and I don’t blame her! Eden likes to make a joke about everything and her humour always overrides serious moments – something I can relate to.

And Joe! I love Joe so much! His best friend is in a coma and has a a big decision that he needs to make. But Eden is the light that he’s been looking for. I really liked how their relationship was very subtle and it didn’t override the main story line. But it was a cute and fun side story between two amazingly developed characters.

You know those books that are so amazing and you loved so much, but you just don’t have the words to say what you want to say? That’s me right now!!!


I also really enjoyed the aspect of The Inbetween (the space between death and life) which Eden experiences during her coma. I have never actually read anything like this before so it was fun to open my mind and think about what people experience when they’re in a coma. I also loved the little inserts throughout the book where people who were once in a coma talked about their experiences in The Inbetween.

There’s also Eden’s relationship with her twin brother Digby, her parents, her parents, and a couple of her other close friends. Because I haven’t read This Raging light, I felt a little bit confused but I guess if I read that book then I would understand it a lot. But with Eden missing out on a month of life, everyone else needed to continue on, so she feels extremely out of place in what was once her world. It was nice to see the connections she had with each of her loved ones and how these relationships fell apart and grew throughout the book.

I highly recommend this book to any fan of contemporary fiction that focuses on deeper topics. I read this book in less than a day, and I wanted more!

Comment below if you’ve read BUT THEN I CAME BACK and let me know what you thought of it!



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