PENGUIN TEEN AUS SHOWCASE – ft. Jennifer Niven and Krystal Sutherland


After seeing pictures and tweets from major book events in other cities such as Melbourne and Sydney, I felt so left out! And then I found out that Penguin Teen Aus Showcase was coming to Adelaide and my mood lifted. Of course I needed to go when I found out that Jennifer Niven (author of ALL THE BRIGHT PLACES and HOLDING UP THE UNIVERSE) and Australian author Krystal Sutherland (author of OUR CHEMICAL HEARTS) were going to be there; I’ve read both of their YA contemporary books when they were released and loved them!


Firstly, Penguin Teen Aus went through the books being published by Penguin in the upcoming months. There were so many that I cannot wait to get my hands on. I really wish I took notes of the books because that would have been really helpful… too late…


And then Krystal and Jennifer came out and the girls from the YA Circle asked them a few questions. They talked about their books, how they started writing, their upcoming movie adaptations (which is really exciting!!!) and so much more. Once again, I really wish I took note on some of the things that they said because they said a lot of really great and inspirational stuff. Then they opened up the audience to ask some questions; a lot of them relating to how to get into writing, etc.


After about an hour or so of that, we all lined up to get our books signed and get a photo taken. I was in the line for over half an hour (wearing uncomfortable shoes btw and thinking about how I needed to finish my part of a group assignment that night before I went to bed because we had a presentation tomorrow), but it was all worth it. I always feel really awkward and my shyness and introvertness really comes out when I go to signings like this. I want to tell the authors how much I love their books and how touching their stories are and how beautiful their writing is, but when I get up there I don’t say any of that. Besides, I felt bad because I heard someone tell them that they had 20 minutes before everyone needed to get out of the hall because an alarm would go off, and there were still so many people in the line behind me. But I got my books signed and my photo taken and I was so happy.


I had a really great night and cannot wait to go to another author even like this one (I actually have one this coming Tuesday as well!). Krystal and Jennifer are both such incredible writers and I love both of their books, so I highly recommend picking them up if you haven’t already. Also, Krystal has another book coming out soon which I’m super excited to get my hands on soon!!!!


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