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Science geek Meg is left to look after her little sister for ten days after her free-spirited mum leaves suddenly to follow up yet another of her Big Important Causes. But while Meg may understand how the universe was formed, baby Elsa is a complete mystery to her.

And Mum’s disappearance has come at the worst time: Meg is desperate to win a competition to get the chance to visit NASA headquarters, but to do this she has to beat close rival Ed. Can Meg pull off this double life of caring for Elsa and following her own dreams? She’ll need a miracle of cosmic proportions …

Fans fell in love with the warmth, wit, romance and fierce friendships in Flirty Dancing, Love Bomb, Sunkissed and Star Struck, and Stargazing for Beginners has all that and galaxies more. This is the best kind of real-life fiction – with big themes and irresistible characters, it goes straight to your heart.

Thanks to Bloomsbury for sending me a copy of STARGAZING FOR BEGINNERS to review!


Last year I was sent the final companion book in Jenny’s THE LADYBIRDS series which I read and review. I hadn’t read the first three books in this companion series, but I still didn’t really enjoy it. It wasn’t bad, but it was definitely directed toward a younger audience. But I wasn’t going to let my view on that book get in the way of this one, because even after reading the synopsis of STARGAZING FOR BEGINNERS, it already sounded incredible and something that I wanted to read.

AND I WAS RIGHT! I read this book in two sittings over two night (I would’ve read it all in the one night but I was in the middle of binge watching the last season of Switched at Birth). It was an adorable book that focused on family, friends, and a little bit of romance too. But the story mainly focused on our main character, Meg, and her journey over the couple of weeks that her mother leaves her in charge of her little sister, and also herself.

There were so many things that I loved about this book, so I’m going to TRY and list them all right now;

  • Meg’s character development; opening up and growing and discovering more about herself over just a few weeks.
  • Meg’s relationship with her little sister and grandfather is so adorable and it’s obvious that they both mean a lot to her.
  • Her mother, who is kind of a pain and if my mum ever did that to me I would be pee’d off, is an important part of the story and integral to Meg’s development.
  • The friends at the Biscuit Club that Meg makes. They are all so different to each other, but they also have something in common and it was so nice to see them unite.
  • The theme of space was really interesting to me, and I actually learnt a lot. It was so nice to see Meg so passionate about it as well, and it’s one of many of her amazing qualities.
  • Meg’s struggle with her social anxiety felt so real and it was good to read about this in a book because I feel like I rarely ever see it in YA. Social anxiety is something that a lot of young adults experience, especially in school and with public speaking, so it was good to see that Meg is just like a lot of real life people
  • Adding on to representation such as this, a friend that Meg makes, Annie, has autism. I don’t think I’ve ever read a book with an autistic character so it was interesting to read about it. Plus, Annie sarcasm is THE BEST!
  • Ed. Swoon. I love Ed so much. From the beginning, he comes off as a really casual and ‘doesn’t care about anything’ guy – which is similar to a lot of teenage boys. But there is so much more to him. He’s a science nerd just like Meg, and I loved seeing their ups and downs and how they connected over the things they loved. And what he did in the end… I just love him!


So if you can’t tell already, I loved this book so much. It covered such a wide range of topics and issues and made me feel such a wide range of brilliant emotions. If you haven’t read it yet, and it sounds like something you would like, then I highly recommend picking it up.

And if you have read it, comment below your thoughts because I would love to hear them!






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