i won NANOWRIMO 2017… kinda

Last July I participated in my first Camp Nanowrimo, last November I participated in my first Nanowrimo (writing 50k in a month), and I also participated in April and July Camp Nanowrimo this year again. In all four of those months, I completed or won the goals that I had set for myself, and I thought for sure that I would win this November too. … Continue reading i won NANOWRIMO 2017… kinda


Yep… it’s that time again. That time where writers come together to try and write 50000 words in a month… or do everything else possible to procrastinate writing 50000 words in the month. Starting in July 2016, I’ve participated in three Camp Nanowrimo’s, but only one Nanowrimo. Last November, I won! I think I ended up writing 60000 words in the month, and on a … Continue reading NANOWRIMO 2017 PLANS

Rejection in Writing

The thing with finally letting your writing out in to the world, is that it’s open for rejection. I’ve written my whole life; stories, books, poems, songs, essays and school assignments. Most of it I’ve kept to myself, and my school essays I didn’t really mind if I didn’t do well in because I hated writing them anyway, and academic writing didn’t give me the … Continue reading Rejection in Writing

writing updates: working on so many projects!

So I haven’t done a writing update post in a while, but a lot has been happening since I last spoke to you all about it. I have actually been on a hiatus from a lot of things since I started back at uni this semester. I had so many scheduled posts and book reviews for my blog that you wouldn’t be able to tell … Continue reading writing updates: working on so many projects!

editing my WIP: the second and third and fourth draft

If you read my previous blog post on my writing journey, you would know that in April I started working on a new novel which I finished the first draft of during June. You can check out that blog post here ->  https://alwaysandforeverreading.wordpress.com/2017/07/09/i-started-writing-a-new-novel/  Today, I’m going to be discussing the editing process I used to edit the first draft and the ones after. I’m currently … Continue reading editing my WIP: the second and third and fourth draft